Ladha snacks

About Us

Who We Are

Ladhasnacks was started by three entrepreneurs passionate about coastal snacks from Mombasa. In June 2020 we registered an Enterprise and started supplying products to customers.

Our aim is to make these local snacks (the culinary treasures) available throughout Kenya.
Our long term goal is to give customers a sustained and consistent quality which will be synonymous with our name.

As a team dedicated to African delicacies we are in the process of entering the Namibian and Ghanaian markets and make snacks from the rural parts of these countries widely available.

We care about the Farmer and our Customers! We believe in fair trade and buying raw materials from organic sources. We are Green!

We are located in Nairobi and have sales units across the City. We have a sales point in Kisumu. Our products are sourced from Mombasa.

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Our Products

We offer a wide range of Snacks. The following delicacies count to our product range:

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

Mabuyu: Also known as Ubuyu (for example in Tanzania), Mabuyu has warmed the hearts of even the most choosy of the sweet tooth on the Kenyan Coastline. It’s main ingredients are baobab seeds (and pulp) prepared deliciously by our Coastal Snack experts.

Achari: Similar in preparation to Mabuyu, Achari, with mango as its main ingredient, is another delicacy that we treasure on our list of coastal snacks.

These snacks can be tried and tasted in various flavours including the beloved chilli flavor alongside plain flavours.

Furthermore, upon request, we offer Ukwaju, Labania, Kashata, Halua,….and many more Coastal snacksǃ